About Crystal Renfro

Crystal RenfroCrystal Renfro became the Graduate Engineering Librarian for Kennesaw State University in May 2015.  She previously spent ten and one half years as a Faculty Engagement Librarian at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia.  While there, she was the subject librarian in the areas of Mathematics, Physics and Industrial & Systems Engineering. She has chosen her area of special research to be Personal Knowledge Management and focuses on the subject from both the aspect of helping graduate students become more effective and also looking at how academia and librarians in particular can utilize and apply PKM concepts in their daily lives.

Prior to her career as a librarian, she was an associate actuary in the insurance industry. In addition to her Master’s in Library Science, she also has a Master’s of Actuarial Science degree.

Selected Publications Related to PKM:

Renfro, C. (2017) The Use of Visual Tools in the Academic Research Process: A Literature Review, Journal of Academic Librarianship, 43(2), pp. 95-99.

Renfro, C. & Shields, E. (2015)  Knowledge Mapping Tools: Visualizing Research. Slides from our Georgia Library Association/ COMO 2015 presentation, 10/7/2015.

Renfro, C. (2015)   Content Curation: Academic Outreach Opportunities Beyond the Institutional Repository. Slides from my Internet Librarian presentation, 10/26/2015.

Renfro, C., & Axford, M. (2015)  Personal Knowledge Management in Outreach and Instruction, International Journal of Digital Library Systems, 5(1), 16-30.

Axford, M., & Renfro, C. (2014)  Evernote for Research and Outreach. Slides from our Georgia Library Association/COMO 2014 presentation, 10/02/2014.

Axford, M., & Renfro, C. (2014)  Rethinking & Retooling Academic Research. Slides from our Computers in Libraries presentation, 04/09/2014.

Axford, M., & Renfro, C. (2012). Noteworthy Productivity Tools for Personal Knowledge Management. Online, 36(3), 33-36.

Axford, M., & Renfro, C. (2012). Clarify Life and Work with Mind Maps. Library Communications Journal, 1(1).

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