Links Roundup #50 Notetaking Revisited: Notion

saddle and ropeTo get us started on the topic of notetaking, the blogger at Talking Concept recently posted a very nice summary article called the Ultimate Guide to Effective Notetaking.


A couple of you have asked about my take on the productivity app, Notion, which touts itself as a competitor to Evernote.  Notion is a part note-taking, part task manager app available on both Windows and Mac platforms. It has a tiered payment structure with a free Personal level that is  limited on its functionality with no version histories on your notes, a limit on file upload size and no more than 5 collaborators.  Notion has a nice set of training videos on their youtube channel so you can see the tool in action.

A number of productivity gurus are playing with Notion these days.  Here are a few of the reviews that I liked.  Jessica Jewel from Academic Workflows on a MAC recently posted an indepth article: “Setting up Notion for Academic Collaboration” that is worth a read.  In “PhD Tips Update: Project and Knowledgement Management,” Genevieve Shanahan shares details of how she uses Notion for all her knowledge management.  The Red Head Academic does a nice video on how she uses it for her PhD and professional work.

For the techie side of reviews, PC Magazine also did a recent indepth review of this tool with mixed advice: Notion Review.  Nick Lafferty is a Notion convert, posting his praise in his Jan 2021 post “Why Notion is the best productivity tool.” The folks at Techpp did a thoughtful evaluation in their March 2021 post: “Evernote vs Notion: a Detailed Comparison of the Top Two.”  And by the way, if you are shopping around for the various notetaking options, the Techapp Productivity Hub is a pretty awesome place to find posts on a number of the top contenders.

So am I a person convert to Notion?  I must admit, I have been an entrenched Evernote user for a number of years.  At this point I am not yet ready to invest in another notetaking system, but I will be keeping my eye on Notion as it continues to develop.

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