Links Roundup #44: Background Music, Mindfulness books, Timelines, Choose Your Own Adventures

saddle and rope
  • Options for Centering Background Music:

The How to Geek folks recently published a nice grouping of The Best Sites for Background or Ambient Noise. If you want to create your own combination of background noices, you might find it fun to try out Noisli… (tip – The picture of the trees gives you birdsong. 🙂 I personally love birdsong) I would like to add to this list, that many of the Dan Gibson’s Solitudes albums are now on YouTube in their complete form – for example Pachelbel in the Garden or if you like Indian flute music (without chanting), try pieces by Paul Horn from his Inside Canyon De Chelly album which is also on YouTube. There are certain tasks I perform where this kind of background music is very helpful in relaxing my mind enough to focus productively on the task at hand.

  • Best Mindfulness Books for 2018

Those of you who had your interest whetted by last month’s book review post on The Mindful Librarian might be looking for other book recommendations on the topic of mindfulness. Editor-in-chief of Mindful magazine, Barry Boyce, recently named his Best Mindfulness Books This Year.

  • Tools for Creating Timelines

Here’s a nice little collection of tools to help you create jazzier graphics for your presentations if you have data that you would like to represent in the form of a time line. Richard Byrne of the website Free Technology for Teachers posted recently Five Good Tools for Creating Timelines. He even discusses a tool for multimedia timelines!

  • Choose Your Own Adventure

Have you ever wished you could jazz up your instruction sections with one of those “choose your own adventure” books that many of us so enjoyed growing up? Well Richard Byrne also recently posted several videos on How to Use Keynote (or PowerPoint) To Create Your Own Adventure Stories. Fun technique.

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