Links Roundup #43: Christmas ideas, Electronic Notebooks, Copy-editing Tools

saddle and ropeBest Engineering Kits for Kids

Those of you who regularly read the American Libraries AL Direct emails, will have seen this post, however, given the upcoming gift-giving season, I think it bears repeating.  Caroline Stewart of posted on October 5th a very nice review of Best Engineering Kits for Kids.  I wish some of these colorful, fun toys had been available when I was young!

Other Christmas Ideas for the Young-at-Heart

Also highlighted recently at, are The Best Premium Drones for Photography, Racing and More and The Best Point and Shoot Cameras (yes, cameras not on your phone are better than ever and worth a look!)

And for my librarian friends, I have not forgotten you… Librarian themed gift items:  From Amazon; and a revisit to the American Libraries 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Librarians and Book Lovers.

Electronic Research Notebooks (ERN)

We have talked here before about electronic lab notebooks.  In the Summer 2018 edition of Issues in Science & Technology Librarianship, Kortney K. Rupp of University of California, Berkeley revisits this technology with a focus more on big research data in her article: Electronic Research Notebooks: A Piece of the Research Data Management Puzzle. She also has a great Library Research Guide that discusses ERNs. Thanks Kortney!

Electronic Copy-Editing Applications

Lewis at Freelance Effects reviewed ProWritingAid recently in his blog post ProWriting Aid Review: A Close Look at the All-in-One Copy Editing Tool.  This tool has incorporated a number of enhancements over the past few years and  might be worth a second look by those searching for online copy-editing help.  The tool now offers WordPress, Word and Google Doc plug-in options. The catch is that these options are only available in paid versions.  The free version must be used online only and is limited to 500 words at a time and 19 reports.  While this can be frustrating, it does allow a writer to try out the application and test its usefulness prior to making a decision to enroll. Lewis describes his detailed trial and his impression is quite positive on this copy-editing tool. Kindlepreneur also reviewed ProWritingAid in his article on Best Proofreading Software of 2018. This review compares several of the top tools out on the web today including Grammarly, Hemingway, and Ginger as well as ProWritingAid.

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