Links Roundup #41: GIFs, Tracking, Smart Pens, Audiobook Services and Transcription Services

saddle and ropeAnimated GIFs

Richand Byrne from Free Technology for Teachers recently did this nice survey of 7 Ways to Make Animated GIFs.  As we are all gearing up this fall with instruction, newsletters, etc, GIFs can be an effective way to add interest to your work.

How to Stop Google Tracking

Ever wish you could stop Google from tracking your location?  Sometimes it feels a little Big Brotherish… granted, all the wonderful things apps can do these days, seemingly reading our minds, can be great, but if you are like me and would like to have the option of turning off those watching electronic eyes, Tom’s Guide has an article to consider: How to Stop Google from Tracking Your Location. The post provides step by step instructions on how to see what Google has been tracking lately as well as how to turn it off.

Ranking Smart Pens

Thinking about getting a Smart Pen?  Top Ten reviews has ranked the Best Smart Pens of 2018 on their site.  Spoiler Alert:  The Livescribe 3 Smart Pen wins.   😛  But you will still want to read the article to see how all the features of the various pens rant.

Best Audio Book Services

While you are over at Top Ten, you might also want to take a look at their “Best Places to Download, Buy and Rent Audiobooks 2018“.  If you are like me and spend a good deal of your life in the car commuting, audiobooks can be a lifesaver.  Their article offers a good overview of the audiobook landscape, but the librarian in me just has to say it… the best place to “rent” an audiobook is your public library!  It is free!  I have yet to run out of books to listen to from my library, so I keep putting off choosing a pay service.

Voice to Text Notetaking App

Have you heard of Otter?  It is a new (to me at least) notetaking app that is designed to capture audio conversations.  It has a speech recognition feature that will separate the conversations between multiple individuals and track who said what.  Sounds pretty cool. reviewed it recently and gave it Good rating.  There is both a free level and a premium (purchase) level.

What nifty new (or new to you!) tool have you started using recently?  Share so we can all benefit.

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