Links Roundup #40: Journaling, Podcast Apps, Digital Humanities and Evernote

saddle and ropeGuidance on Beginning to Journal

Michael Hyatt’s magazine this month is on the benefits of journaling.  He and his guest writers share tips and insights on the practice of journaling here.

Also, check out The Productive Benefits of Journaling from the folks at

Best Podcast Apps

Looking for a new podcast app for your Android device?  Try the 10 Best Podcasts for Android by Joe Hindy, or Tom’s Guide to Best Podcast Apps.


While you are considering a new Podcast app, you might want to also take another look at an app that’s been around for some time.  Feedly will not only support your podcasts, it also handles RSS feeds, Youtube channels and more, all in one convenient app.  It made the list of best 15 free Android apps of 2018 on Android Authority this year.  CloudeeReviews just did an indepth review of Feedly that you might also be interested in.

A little Late to the Game

I’m a little late to the game with this one, but to my defense, I am not a humanities librarian.  I just came across the dh+lib website, where digital humanities and librarianship meet.  It’s been around since 2012 and was developed from discussions on the  ACRL Digital Humanities Discussion Group (DH DG) listserv.  They describe their purpose as providing “a weekly roundup of recommended readings, resources, posts, calls for papers/participation, jobs, and other items of potential interest to dh+lib readers.”  November 2017 marked their fifth year of operation, and as one who recognizes the effort in keeping a website such as this vibrant, I congratulate them on their continued success!

Big Evernote Update! reports that Evernote’s Windows 10 Gets a Big Update!  Welcome news to all Evernote users on the MS Windows platform for sure! Included in the update is a full-fledged editing experience, drag and drop functionality, and a zoom feature to the Image Gallery as well as a number of irritating bugs which have now been fixed.  Yay, Evernote!

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