Links Roundup #35: Writing, Reading, Libraries and phone apps

saddle and ropeMore Writing Tips

Mendeley recently published a nice tips paper on scientific writing called Clarity and Impact: Key Tips for Writing a good Scientific Paper.  They also reference in the article, an infographic on the topic.  Unfortunately, the link in the Mendeley article isn’t working.  I did some digging and found the correct link:  Infographic: How to write better science papers.

Congratulations to Internet Archive!

On May 15th, Internet Archive received the coveted Lifetime Achievement Award from the Webby Awards.  The Webby’s themselves explain it best: wins

“for its commitment to making the world’s knowledge available online and preserving the history of the Internet itself. With a vast collection of digitized materials and tools like the Wayback Machine, has become a vital resource not only to catalogue an ever-changing medium, but to safeguard a free and open Internet for everyone.”

I have always considered the Wayback Machine to be something of a miracle.  I am so happy that others have recognized the important contribution is making as well.

Thinking about Graduate School…

As many people are standing in lines at their college graduation ceremonies, some are no doubt considering continuing their academic studies at the graduate level.  I recently came across two nice articles on tips for success in STEM focused graduate school.  How to be a Successful Graduate Student in the Sciences  and  “So long, and thanks for the Ph.D.!” a.k.a.“Everything I wanted to know about C.S. graduate school at the beginning but didn’t learn until later.”

Chrome Library Extension

Have you tried the Chrome Library Extension for Amazon?  This is one extension that I think it totally cool!  You add the extension to your Chrome browser and identify your public library.  Everytime you search Amazon for a book, the extension will show up on the right side of your screen and notify you if your public library has the item.  There will be a direct link so you can log in and request the book right away.  Profhacker recently had a post on this feature, showing you how it works for Multiple (!)  libraries.

Online Reading Skills

Michael Larkin, Professor of Writing at Berkeley and author of the blog Culture Mulching, posted an excellent article entitled “To Read Well on Screens, Change Your Mindset.” Make sure you read all the way to the bottom of the article.  He and his Berkeley colleague have put together several helpful handouts for helping students get the most out of online reading.

Organizing your Phone

Mindful Magazine offers us this story on 5 Ways to Organize Your Phone to Unhijack Your Mind.  And from Updato, we have this article on How to Organize Your Phone and Turn it into a Distraction-free Productivity Tool.  And how about all those photos?  Gizmodo addresses that organization challenge in The 4 Best Apps  to Organize Your Phone’s Photos.  Frankly, I just connected my Dropbox to my phone photos.. .every photo immediately gets sent to Dropbox, so my phone organization of photos isn’t a problem, but I do have to organize and clean out my Dropbox, lol.


cover of May 2017 Computers in LibrariesProject Management with Trello

Kudos to two of my co-workers, Xueying Chen and Li Chen, for their publication of “How to Manage Library Projects with Trello” in the May issue of Computers in Libraries.    They demonstrate how they used Trello to manage a research project involving international student usage of library resources.  I love the colorful way that Infotoday presents their article with attention-grabbing illustrations.






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