Links Roundup #32

saddle and rope 100 Twitter accounts for Philomaths (Lovers of Learning)

From our Friend, Jane Hart (of our favorite annual list: Top 100 Tools for Learning ) comes this new list of 100 influential Twitter accounts for individuals who love to learn.  Librarians might find the following particularly interesting:  Book Nerd ; Five Books .      But my favorite, science nerd that I am, had to be Hubble .  Don’t let me choose for you.  Go to Jane’s post for the whole list and find your own favorites.

Dropbox introduces Dropbox Paper

The newest entrant in the notebook software game is our familiar friend, Dropbox.  Currently in beta, Dropbox Paper is this cloud storage giant’s attempt to rival Evernote. The key here is that Dropbox is going after the business sector with its emphasis on team collaboration.  While I might play some with Paper for some team projects, I plan to stick to Evernote for my personal notebook for now.

Evernote Price Increases

This article from Android Authority reports on the recent news from Evernote (June 28th to be exact) of its intentions to restructure its pricing model, resulting in some significant changes that has a number of people very upset.  The Plus plan is increasing $1 per month, and the Premium plan $2 a month, while the free subscription has several new restrictions, namely you can only have Evernote on 2 devices (a desktop computer counts as one!) and there are bandwidth restrictions to 60 MB per month.  Even though the devise restrictions are daunting, remember that the cloud version could always be used without downloading to a computer which makes the devise limitation a little better.  Families that share a common Evernote account, however, might still find this insufficient and need to chose one of the pay options.

Should You Drop Evernote?  PC Mag. Reviews the 8 Top Alternatives

Columnist Jill Duffy shares why she (and I also) think that Evernote users should hang in there a little longer before making the leap to other applications… or at least carefully consider the benefits and what you lose by choosing an alternative.  Here she reviews Microsoft OneNote, Google Keep, Zoho Notebook, Moleskine, Simplenote, Laverna, and OpenNote .  The bottom line from Jill, is the same as mine.  Evernote is still the best product out there right now.

Best Notetaking Apps for Students

Our favorite friends at Lifehacker just (August 8th) put out this nice summary of Notetaking Apps for Students.  A great resource for librarians who want a nice article for sharing with students coming back for the new school year.

Creating a Mindful Library

While not a new article, this piece from the folks at Mindful Magazine seemed like a breath of fresh air as many of us become buried once again by beginning of school tasks and pressures. I like the idea of having a small little book collection in a quiet corner of my office devoted to mindfulness books.  This article provides just the jumpstart to make that happen.

How to Create a Video for a Class

Finally, from our friend, Bonni who brings us great posts at Teaching in Higher Ed, comes this post on creating point-of-use videos for a class or instruction session. More and more librarians are finding their reference consultations are being handled at a distance as online learning continues to proliferate. Here Bonni is not discussing software; rather, she is offering some tips of encouragement for those of us who find the idea of creating videos daunting.  Thanks, Bonni!

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