Links Roundup #31

saddle and ropeHere are some of the recent links to posts and sites that I have found valuable over the past month.


Content marketing tool of the month: how to get your Kindle Highlights into Evernote or MindMeister?

This post by the FINN public relations firm offers some interesting insights on how to better utilize your highlights from Kindle files and get them out of the Amazon cloud. The bookmark tool Bookcision was new to me.  It is available for both PC and Mac.

The Psychology of OmniFocus: How to Wrap Your Head Around the Finest (and most Perplexing) GTD App on the Market 

This one is for my Mac friends.  I am still a dedicated PC user myself, so I have little to add, but this detailed post stood out as a valuable bit of reading for Mac users.  Enjoy!


This online tool provides a similar service as the Bookcision tool, only for all those PDF articles that you read, highlight and annotate.  As long as you limit the file you upload at any one sitting to a maximum of 50 pages, 50 highlights, 50 megabytes and 5 images, the service is totally free, and the output can be to Evernote, a DOC or TXT file.  Pretty cool.


Here is a neat tool to allow an educator to easily add hotspots on top of an image.  Imagine being able to add weblinks, verbiage, video or additional images at strategic points of a single image?  For $35 a year, a teacher has premium access.  Take a look at the bottom of the premium box and watch the demo linked there for a better visual of the capabilities of the tool. I can see many uses, from providing content rich images for online classes, to having a single image that a professor can use and then launch other videos or items during a lecture.

75 Top Twitter Accounts You Should Follow for Your Career

This Mashable article is from a couple of months ago, but worthy of a new look if you’d like to find some great new productivity people to follow on Twitter.  One of my favorites, Michael Hyatt, is #33. (Productivity tweeters start at #31).

And finally, in celebration of summertime, an infographic on the 12 reasons why your brain craves vacation.








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