Top 200 Tools for Learning: Time to Vote again!

It is time again already for Jane Hart to begin soliciting votes for the top tools for learning.  This will be the 10th year for this valuable resource, and I highly encourage all  my readers to take part in identifying the top 10 tools for your productivity.

I am particularly excited about several of the changes to the program this year.  Jane is going to segment the Tools ranking between Education, Workplace Learning and Personal Learning & Productivity.  Three lists instead of one!  I find this especially wonderful for those of us in education as we will be able to delineate the uses of tools more appropriately, though tools of high use for K-12 are most likely very different than those for use in Higher Education.  That being said, I have always felt that our K-12 educators have much in the way of new, creative applications for productivity tools that those of us in Higher Education could learn a great deal from.  I am also quite eager to see what the Personal Learning results will be.

Go to  to submit your vote.  I suggest you take a look at the voting form and do some advanced planning of exactly which tools you want to list (be specific!) for the different categories before actually filling the voting form out.  Then check back in October for the final results. (I’ll post links to them also!)

If you haven’t yet reviewed Jane’s Best of the Breed 2015  lists, now is a great time to do so.  Find a new tool or be reminded of an old favorite that you haven’t used recently (and why might that be?).

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