Not saying goodbye, just taking an extended leave of absence . . . (from Elisabeth)

All the same, it’s been hard to make the decision that I can’t continue as a regular participant in the Academic PKM blog.  Other commitments have made it increasingly difficult for me to contribute on a regular basis.  While I continue to use the tools for personal knowledge management to manage my own material, and I promote the ideas and practice of PKM with students, faculty, and fellow librarians, I don’t currently have the drive to be continually searching for new methods and ways to use them.

Writing for this blog has been a great opportunity for me to put my thoughts in order and to force me to think about what I may know that is worth sharing, but it’s not sustainable for me anymore.  I hope to read every week and comment when I have something worth saying.  I look forward to following Crystal and Mary wherever they may take us.

May curiosity sustain us all, Elisabeth

 **  Note:  Mary and I wish Elisabeth all success in her current endeavors.  Given the loss of her contributions, we have come to the decision to change this blog from weekly posts to posts biweekly.  We hope to welcome Elisabeth back as guest blogger often.

Crystal and Mary




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