Links Roundup #16

Best Apps/Services of 2013

Jamie Todd Rubin has two posts addressing this topic, 12 of the Most Useful Apps and Services for 2013, and 4 Additional Apps and Services That Work So Well They Are Virtually Invisible.  He does cover some that we talk about a lot (he is an Evernote Ambassador, after all), and some of the ones he talks about are not free, but still both posts have a lot of useful information. Addictive Tips does a weekly post called The Week’s Best Apps and Tips.  This one includes links to the 2013 Best App Roundups, including 150 Best Windows Software of 2013172 Best Android Apps of 2013, 100 Best iOS Apps of 2013,  and 40 Best Windows Phone Apps of 2014.  Separately they published 55 Best Mac OS X Apps of 2013.

Calendar Apps

Android Apps Free Download: Top 4 Calendar and Organizer Apps for Your Smartphone has brief reviews of Calendar, Jorte Calendar and Organizer, DigiCal Calendar and Widgets, and Cal.


LifeHacker has an excellent article on using e-readers for college work – A Student’s Guide to Using the Kindle for Research.  I especially like that they cover highlighting and creating flashcards (not available on all ebooks).  My Nook HD has similar features.  One caveat is that a lot of textbooks have color illustrations and the cheaper Kindles, Nooks, etc. won’t work well for these.

Evernote/OneNote Updates

Another good post from Jamie Todd Rubin from his Going Paperless web site on search syntax in Evernote.  The thing that excited me most was actually a minor point in the post, but which I will find very useful – Evernote supports using quote marks to search a phrase. A short article in Gizmodo Australia covers a lot of information regardless of length.  Livescribe Lets You Capture Your Penstrokes into OneNote Now discusses a third party app called Outline lets you save notes taken with the Livescribe digital pen into OneNote.  It already supports Evernote.  Also discusses the lack of Livescribe support for Android, and it is hoped this will be remedied by the end of the year.

Getting Organized

5 Organizational Tips for the New Year is a nice Gradhacker post about various ideas and tools to get organized.  It is the first article that I remember seeing about using Trello, a project management tool, for academic work.


I don’t use Gmail myself, as I use the email client my place of work supports (which I dislike more and more every day), but this article Don’t Drown in Email!  How to Use Gmail More Efficiently may be of great use for those of you who do use it.

Productivity Apps

Android Apps: The Best to Boost Productivity – these kind of articles are very frequent and I don’t often mention them, but this is an exception in that it is (a) about Android apps, and (b)  mentions some kinds of apps not usual in such articles, such as FolderSync to backup files to the cloud automatically.


Yes, I know, you are sick of articles about New Year’s resolutions, but this one from GradHacker is unusually sane – including the advice that above all, don’t feel guilty about failing to keep a resolution, as that isn’t productive.

Scanning Apps

I’m absolutely thrilled with the idea of apps that use your smartphone or tablet camera as a document scanner.  This has been around for a year or two.  Addictive Tips covers a new one for Android that scans and allows you to mark up a document, including adding a signature.

Tech Gripes

There’s something in human nature such that sometimes one just needs to gripe.  Stephen Shankland does it well in Nine Tech Torments I’d like to See Fixed in 2014.  What are your pet peeves about the tech world?


At this blog we are particularly interested in how acacemics use various tools.  ProfHacker has an excellent post Ten Tips for Tweeting at Conferences that is a good example.

Video Chat Software

ProfHacker has a post called What Is Your Favorite Multi-Person Video Chat Client? which provides a nice roundup of multiple person chat programs that academics are using.  Includes whether the client is fee or free, and operating system if applicable.

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