Links Roundup #14

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Academic Blogging

Since my last post was on academic blogging, the post A New Science Blogging Scandal:  Deja Vu All Over Again from the Scholarly Kitchen blog points to a problem I did not have room to cover, the difficulties of paid bloggers being limited in what they can say.

Adobe Presenter

I have not used Adobe Presenter, but this offer looks interesting – Educators Get Adobe Presenter for Free (for 12 months) if acted on by the end of November.

Attention and Focus

Getting More Done in Less Time – GradHacker post on having the energy to maintain your focus, and on apps that help you manage distractions.

Chromecast and Video Streaming

Need to stream videos from your computer to a TV?  ProfHacker has a post on how easy and cheap it is with Chromecast.

Computer Buying Guides

One of Bob Rankin’s Geekly Updates pointed me to something on the Laptop site.  Despite its name, it isn’t limited to laptops, but has information also on tablets, smartphones, ultrabooks, software, and apps.  Features include news, reviews, and video.  In each category there is a best ranking that stays updated.

Conference Tips and Tricks

In From the Archives: Academic Conferences, Natalie Houston gives links to a lot of past ProfHacker posts on presenting at a conference, getting ready for it, using social media while there, and more.

Digital Workflows

In an article with a title almost as long as the content and abbreviated here – In Pursuit of a Digital Academic Workflow – Shanti Zaid describes using Zotero and associated apps to create citations, store pdfs, annotate them, and store the annotations as a separate file, all in the cloud so that the materials sync across multiple computers.

 Evernote Updates

What’s New in Evernote 5 for Windows Desktop – excellent overview of new features.  And the associated Tips for Updating to Evernote 5 for Windows Desktop has a half hour video tour of the product.  I have been using the shortcuts feature in particular and love it.

Evernote Search, Saved Searches, and Syntax – excellent overview of Evernote search syntax.  As the author suggests at the beginning of the article, clip this into your Evernote account so you’ll always have the syntax available easily.

Jamie Todd Rubin, an Evernote ambassador who writes a blog column called Going Paperless, has another good article on Evernote called A Framework for Searching Evernote which describes how the author uses searches in Evernote more than organizing by notebooks and tags.   It is also interesting that he uses Scrivener to write and considers it the best writing tool available, as that is also what we hear from a lot of academics.

Scott Bradley offers a series of YouTube videos on using Evernote.  You can subscribe to get an email notification of new videos in the series.

IFTTT Updates

IFTTT has added three new triggers for Facebook and Facebook Pages that are activated when specific hashtags are used:  “Now you can create Facebook Recipes that work only when a specific #hashtag is present in the message or caption. Perfect for selective cross-posting!”

iGoogle Alternatives

At least one of you was interested in this topic earlier in the year.  ProfHacker has a post Open Thread Wednesday: iGoogle Alternatives.  This is specifically meant for discussion, so be sure to read the comments too.

Miscellaneous Updates

Trouble with Malcolm Gladwell – interesting article about Gladwell’s misuse of science and that this is important because of his influence.  Makes an important point of choosing your sources carefully and how difficult this is when not an expert in that subject,   I have used Gladwell myself in this blog, and will be more careful hereafter.


GradHacker now has Pinterest boards.  Mixture of serious and fun items.

Search Tips

Visualize Your Keywords – an article from LibraryTechTalk about Snappy Words, a free visual online dictionary that allows one to look up a word and see how it relates to other words.  Great for searchers needing to find synonyms.

 Security Updates

How I Cleaned Up My Passwords in 5 Weeks  – another great column from Jill Duffy, who writes the “Get Organized” column for PC Mag.  She discusses how she used Dashlane to analyze the strength of her passwords and to change them to something more secure.

  Twitter Updates

Tweet2Cite is a very simple site where you can put in the URL of a tweet and get back a citation in properly formatted MLA or APA style.  If you click on the word “URL” in the site’s description, it explains how to find the URL of a tweet (click on details, then copy the URL in the browser’s toolbar).

 Windows Updates

No Office for iPad, but Microsoft’s Remote Desktop App for iOS is Out – title says it all pretty much, except there are also new versions coming out for Android, Windows, and Windows RT.

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