Links Roundup #13

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Lucky 13!  Yes, this is actually the 13th Links Roundup Post.  Yee-ha!


The Awesomest 7-Year Postdoc or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Tenure-Track Faculty Life. A really great post on work-life balance for academics.  Lengthy, but a good post for understanding what the early years of new faculty are like.

Twitter Updates

How to Archive Your Favorite TweetsProfHacker post with excellent ideas for keeping tweets on research topics.

Teaching with Twitter:  5 Resources for Getting Started.  Eduhacker post that is the beginning of a series on this topic.

Social Media Updates

Rebel Mouse Wants to Be Your Social Media Home Page – nice article from the editor of the Social Media page.  I have played around with Rebel Mouse some, and it is a pretty good social media aggregator.  Can see it as being particularly useful for an organization wanting to create a web page for their social media.

Evernote and OneNote Updates

Presentation Mode: The Better Way to Present Your Ideas.  Evernote 5.3 for the Mac is the first to roll out this feature of viewing notes in a presentation mode.  It is also for Premium and Business users only.  Still, it seems useful, and I think tends to further indicate that Evernote doesn’t rest on its laurels but is intent on continuously improving the product.

Another great new feature that is so far only available in Evernote 5.3 for the Mac is discussed in Create an Evernote Table of Contents in 1 click.  Can’t wait to try that one.

And yet one more good feature of the new iOS 7 app is Using Quick Notes in the New Evernote App for iOS 7.

Evernote 5 (for Windows) Review – by Jill Duffy, who writes the Get Organized column for PC Mag (although this item was published in ITProPortal).  Talks about some of the new features in Evernote 5 but also does a really good review of the product as a whole, so may be of use if you want to introduce someone to Evernote.

“3M announced a new partnership with Evernote on Thursday that allows users to turn their real-world sticky notes into digital notes that can be saved, shared or viewed from anywhere. The Post-It notes are digitized through a new “Post-it Note Camera” feature in Evernote’s iOS 7 app. Notes that are photographed with the camera are digitally enhanced and uploaded to your Evernote account. Notes can be organized by color within Evernote and the content is searchable. You can also add a reminder or due date to a specific note — such as a time you need to pick someone up from the airport or a payment due date for a bill.”  From Apps You Don’t Want to Miss, 9/28/2013.

OneNote for iPad:  Sophisticated Note Manager that Aims to Usurp Evernote – nice overview of the iPad OneNote app, good for OneNote beginners.

 Google Updates

New Chrome Apps Run on Your Desktop, Offline, and Outside the Browser – Apps on the Desktop!

How to Use Google Hangouts for Lecture Capture – Free Tools!

Security Updates

Online Backup or Local:  Which is Best?  Another good article from Ask Bob Rankin.  The short answer to the question he poses is Yes.  ;-).

Faceless.ME is a VPN app for Windows with Free 2 GB Monthly Bandwidth.  Those of you who use public wifi a lot probably worry about security, and a VPN can address that.  This article reviews a particular VPN app but mentions others and links to reviews of them.

Attention and Focus Updates

How Does Multitasking Really Effect Learning?  is a nice infographic on the topic, might be particularly useful for those working with undergraduates.

 Miscellaneous Tools Updates

6 Unexpected Ways You Can Use Dropbox.  Some nice tips – I did not know about emailing to Dropbox and using DropPages to create a simple web page you can store in Dropbox.

How to Crowdsource and Gamify Your Email – post from ProfHacker with links to some useful posts about managing email.

Building a Research Database with DEVONthink Pro Office – we have not covered this tool in the blog, but Crystal mentions it in her Productivity Tools research guide, and we are aware that a number of grad students and faculty really like it.  This post from GradHacker is really good, laying out the pros and cons and how this researcher uses the tool.





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