Have you chosen your top 10 tools for 2013 yet?

1924 photo of a voting booth

De Lux election building and voting booth, Lanham, Md., [11/4/24]
Library of Congress Photo Collection

What has been viewed over 550,000 times since its publication in 2012?

50 Shades of Grey might be one of your first thoughts, but think bigger! Twice as big, to be exact. Not the top 50, but the Top 100 Tools for Learning, compiled annually by Jane Hart has been viewed literally millions of times in the past seven years. And now, time is running out to post your vote for the Top 100 Tools for Learning, the 2013 edition.
If this wonderful resource sounds familiar, you might be remembering the post I did last year when the voting was open for the 2012 list. Hard to believe a full year has gone by already, but here we are, getting ready to vote again for our top 2013 tools. Last year Jane compiled the top 10 lists of over 500 learning professionals (just like you and me!) in order to create her Top 100 list. Now you can make your voice heard!

Voting closes for the 2013 list on September 27, 2013, and that is right around the corner, so don’t delay! VOTE HERE NOW !
While you are Jane’s Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies, take a look at the winners from the past couple of years. You might find a new tool to explore, or leave feeling somewhat smug that you are in sync with some of the top learning professionals when it comes to the tools you use in your personal knowledge management.

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