Link Roundups #11

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Evernote for Scientists: Mastering the Electronic Lab Notebook. One of the few posts I’ve seen on Evernote for the sciences and for academic research.

Microsoft Unwraps Big OneNote Update for Android, iPad and iPhone.  Look and feel the same across devices in the new OneNote – which is one thing I wish Evernote would do better.

Secure Android Smartphone on Public Wi-Fi Hotspots with PureVPN Android App.  Posting this mainly as a reminder that public Wi-Fi hotspots are really insecure and can be used for identity theft.  Please make the effort to be more secure with this or a similar app.

Researching the sessions for the Year of Productivity course has opened my eyes to the importance of attention and how finite a resource it is.  There is a series on TNT called Perception, about a neuroscientist who is himself a paranoid schizophrenic.  The July 9th episode was about cognitive blindness, how people can miss something important, including murder, if their attention is distracted.  I was amused at the topic because I have been paying so much attention to the concept of attention!

My Google alert on IFTTT today was full of articles about the new iOS app for the services.  A good example is Automation Startup IFTTT’s New iPhone App is Beautiful, Simple, But Still Limited  from TechCrunch.

8 Essential Tools for the Digital Hoarder – nice article from MakeUseOf.  Covers Evernote, Pocket, Pinterest, Calibre, Plex, Synology Disktation NAS, TrueCrypt, and 1Password.

Power Up Your GMail! Another good post from Ask Bob Rankin, with useful tips on using the Settings in GMail.

How Good Are Your Communication Skills?  Quiz follwed by a discussion of communication skills, how to craft a message to clearly and concisely communicate as well as how to actively listed to other people.  From the Mind Tools site, which offers both free and premium content oriented towards business and career skills.

Office Comes to Android, but Microsoft Leaves Tablets Out in the Cold.  Subscribers to Office 365 living in the U.S. can now edit Office documents on certain phones, but not yet on tablets.

Evernote + Hootsuite = A Sweet Collaboration – if you need to disseminate information across social media platforms, this could be really useful.

10 Reasons to Love Microsoft OneNote – She hearts OneNote!  Many of the features she mentions are also available in Evernote, but it is nice to have two such full-featured products available for people to choose from.  Many people prefer OneNote for its infinite levels of hierarchy.

Absolutely brilliant and right-on-target cartoon.

Use Google as a Timer with a Simple Search Command. Brings up the question of how many tools exist out there that no one ever heard of?

Roll Your Own RSS Reader with IFTTT – another article on using IFTTT to handle your RSS feeds. I am using a couple of recipes to send feeds to my email, not a good idea, I found, for high traffic feeds. ;-).

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