Links Roundup #9

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Brain,  Interrupted.   New York Times article on yet another study that proves multitasking is a myth.

Disconnected:  My Year Without the Internet.  Interview wtih Paul Miller, who was disconnected for a year.  He affirms some of what has been said about the problems of being hyperconnected, but disagrees with others.

Innovate 2013:  Using Evernote to Help Flip the Classroom.  Not a lot of details, but the idea is an important one to remember: “In a “flipped classroom” structure, students use technology to attend lectures outside of the classroom and use in-class meeting times to practice applying what they learned during lecture sessions….  Instructors who are “flipping the classroom” can use Evernote as a tool to support students’ interactive participation with course content.”

Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, or the Buffer App?  If you need to manage Twitter accounts, this post has useful comparisons on which program to use or whether to use a combination.

Document Your Workflow.  One of the Get Organized Columns for PCMag by Jill Duffy.  Good outlines for documenting what you do in your organization.

BiteSize Bio has a series about reference management software.  The series starts with a comparison table of Mendeley, Readcube, Papers, Endnote and Zotero.  Next up is an article on how to Get Organized with Reference Managers for Science – Readcube.  Third was an article on Mendeley.  Fourth article was on Papers.    Fifth is on EndNote.  The last on Zotero, has not been published yet.  The blog seems to be a great resource for academic researches in biology.

Google Engineers:  We’re Trying to Fix Android Fragmentation.  This is, I admit, the most frustrating thing about using Android.  Once a new version of the software comes out, it is months before it gets to every phone, if the phone can even get it.

SpiderOak Encrypted Cloud Storage…  Crystal discussed security in one of her recent posts, and this cloud storage service has tried to address the problem.

How to Upload EPUBs and PDFs to Google Play and Read on Web, iOS, and Android.  Uploading to Google Play Books allows you to sync your reading across all your devices.  Upload includes any annotations made.

5 Tips for Evernote.  Another of Jill Duffy’s Get Organized columns in PCMag.  Some useful tips, particularly about using Evernote while traveling.

Google Play Books Enables User Uploads of E-books, Documents.  This is cloud storage for epub and pdf formats.  Can sync across your devices, as long as you can access the Gooble Play locker.  Upload limited to 1000 files each of 50 MB or less. Harnessing the Power of Evernote to Create Your Blog.  If you use Evernote and need a simple blogging platform, may be of interest.

Evernote Reminders Are Here for Mac, iOS, and Web.  Grumble, gripe – I really really really need this for Android.  At any rate, this is one of the most requested new features for evernote and makes the to-do lists so much more useful.

Here’s the Proof that Education is Pretty Crazy about Tablets.  Growth in the education market from K-12 to colleges and universities is booming.



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