Links Roundup #6

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iPad Pro is Somewhat of a Deal, But Doesn’t address Productivity Issues. The point the author makes about productivity still being easier on a desktop or a laptop is so true, especially the item about having only one window or tab open at a time.

iPad Challenged in K-12 by… Sony?. A few colleges are experimenting with giving tablets to faculty and students, and I see no reason this program couldn’t work in colleges as well as K-12.

Wiley makes scientific PDFs interactive with the ReadCube Web Reader from Labtiva.   ReadCube adds some interesting features to PDFs.  You can see it in action here.  I think we’re moving towards software that integrates managing research from the literature review to publication.

Surface Pro Review Roundup.  Snippets from several reviews of the Surface Pro.  Lots of pros, negatives about battery life, weight.

Wanted to give a shout out to Addictive Tips website and newsletter. They do nice reviews of apps/software for a variety of platforms. The reviews are especially useful in that they mention other apps that do the same thing, and they also give details on features, screenshots, and links to download the app.

GMail on Steroids – article from Ask Bob Rankin. He generally does a good job of explaining geek speak for the non-geek or geek wannabe.  This post talks about Google Labs and third party add ons to GMail.

100 Best Android Apps of 2013. PC Mag updates this article as needed, and this is the current iteration.

Is it a Tablet? Is it a Laptop? Digging into the Microsoft Surface RT. Review from the Scholarly Kitchen blog on the hardware, software, and usability. The gist is that it is a start for Microsoft in the tablet arena but they have a LONG way to go to catch up with the competition.

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