The 2012 Top 100 Tools for Learning

On Sunday, the voting closes for the Top 100 Tools for Learning for 2012. (vote here!) This list was first compiled by Jane Hart in 2007. Jane is the founder of the excellent Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies (C4LPT). This UK-based site offers a multitude of free resources about learning tools.  All the top 100 Tools lists from 2007 are still available on C4LPT’s web site, as well as links to Jane’s blog, Learning In the Social Workplace and the social learning community, Social Learning Centre , which she co-hosts with Harold Jarche.  While I have personally only scratched the surface in exploring all the global communities of educators and top industry participants here, I have enjoyed several of the free webinars this site produces and took part in one of the first offerings of Harold’s Personal Knowledge Management web course.

I love this top tools list for several reasons.  On the one hand, it is an affirmation to me that we are on the right track with many of the tools that Mary, Elisabeth and I use in our own lives as well as many of the tools we talk about on this blog.  I also love the list because I can see the trends of certain tools and their rise and fall in popularity over time, as well as be introduced to new tools that have been flying under my radar to date.

Don’t just take my word for it, check out the list today.  If you are reading this before Sunday, September 30, VOTE!  Let your choices be known!  If you missed the voting, look to see who made the list.  Did you find something new?  Do you think the list totally missed a major tool?  Let’s get a discussion started!

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