Welcome to Academic PKM!  I am Mary Axford, one of the blog’s ruling triumvirate.  The three of us – Crystal, Elisabeth, and myself – all come to the topic of PKM and productivity from somewhat different though overlapping viewpoints and interests.  We hope that makes for a stronger blog as we complement (as well as compliment) each other.

My interest in personal knowledge management (PKM) has grown out of my interest in library technology and is still anchored in it.  Since new productivity technologies and apps come out every day, I feel rather like the easily-distracted Dug the Dog in the movie Up, who announced his distraction (squirrel!) as he galumphed away to chase it.  I find myself often distracted by a shiny new toy of an app and want to tell you about it RIGHT THIS MINUTE.  In fact, many of those shiny toys don’t apply to academic libraries or our users, or duplicate what another product already does well.  So I will attempt to temper my enthusiasm and ask questions such as:

  • Is this product useful for librarians or those they serve [we will cover technology useful for faculty and students as well as librarians]
  • Is it specifically useful for productivity?  How do we define productivity?
  • Which trends in technology and services are having the most impact on productivity?  Is the impact negative, positive, or a combination of the two?

I am sure it is not original to her, but I remember being struck, while reading Meredith Farkas’ book Social Software in Libraries, by her insistence that Library 2.0 not be an end in itself, but that libraries evaluate new technologies by asking if it answers a need.  That will be my watchword for my blog entries.

Your comments will be valued and contribute to making this blog a dialog.

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