Wanted: PKM Adventurers to join Us

Mary, Elisabeth and I all discovered our joint areas of interest in the field of Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) over the lunch table. We soon realized the value of sharing our individual experiences and discussing PKM concepts and tools together.   Extrapolating that idea, we began to talk about ways to engage other librarians and academic professionals ; we shared the desire to take part in a larger group discussion, yet we were not easily finding the platforms where other librarians were talking about PKM.  So we have created this blog to continue our discussions and to provide a place where others can join us in our exploration and adventures.  We plan to talk about PKM and its related concepts both in terms of theory and practical applications.  I’m sure there will be software reviews and “here’s a problem I’ve solved” posts.  There will also be “here’s something I’m still struggling with” entries and we will probably head down some dead ends on our adventure too.  Our hope is that others will become equally intrigued.  Wouldn’t a PKM for Librarians blog circle be a cool goal for our community?

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