Links Roundup #49: Evernote, Mindmapping and Summer Reading Redux

saddle and ropeThe next evolution for Evernote apps:

Evernote for iOS, version 10.0 was released on Sept 16th. The iOS app will release in the next few weeks.  Releases for Windows, Mac and Android platforms will follow.  New features include an improved editor, enhanced formatting tools, better search, and a more consistent cross-platform experience.

The new version looks completely new with a much cleaner, updated look. The document scanner has an update, and there are easier ways to add images and audio recordings which is a much appreciated improvement. There is a new formatting toolbar and an updated searching feature.  If you haven’t tried Evernote before, you might want to consider a second visit.

Organizing Mind Maps

If you decided to give Evernote a second chance, then here’s a new way to use your new tool to help you organize your Mind Maps.  Chuck Frey, of the MindMapping Software Blog has a new article describing A Simple System to Keep Track of All of Your Mind Maps.

Catching Up on Some of My Summer Reading:

The Top Tools for Learning list compiled each year by Jane Hart from the results of the Annual Learning Tools Survey is in its 14th year  The latest results were released in September.

Gradhacker had several interesting articles this summer.  In June, Kate Litterer wrote 5 Productivity Practices That Helped Me Finish My Dissertation.  I really enjoyed her Goldilocks Approach to Productivity.

Another Gradhacker article from April talked about Joining a Reading Group.  I found this particularly interesting because some of my collegues had started a faculty journal club in the library.  I think the author had some good insights.  I hope more graduate students follow his lead.  It could lead to some fascinating conversations.

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