Links Roundup #47: Best Bookmarking tools, CitNetExplorer, RSSMailer

saddle and ropeFall is in the air and it’s time for another roundup of cool tools from around the Internet.

Bookmarking Tools

If you are not satisfied with the browser bookmarking capabilities you currently use, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is coming to your rescue with their updated list of Some of the Best Bookmarking Tools for Teachers and Educators.  I have used Diigo for this purpose before, but I hadn’t really thought of some of the others as bookmarking tools but more as content curation tools, though perhaps that is splitting hairs (Pinterest,, Instapaper, Flipboard, Evernote Web Clipper, Pocket) and Trello I had considered more a project management tool.  That’s what is great about these kinds of posts; however, because fresh eyes see and use tools in ways that I had not considered.

RSS Feeds

Anyone out there still reading RSS Feeds?  If you are like me, I forget to check my RSS reader very often and those feeds get lost or backlogged.  If so, you might also be interested in this app:  RSSMailer which will send your RSS feed directly to your email.  It will work on blogs, Instagram public profiles, and YouTube to name only a few popular sources. It is free to use and emails are sent once daily.

Visualizing Citations

image of Citnetexplorer in actionWere you an avid user of Web of Science’s citation mapping feature before they removed it?  Well, grieve no more.  Enter CitNetExplorer . This software tool designed for analyzing and visualizing citation networks for scientific publications is specifically designed to allow citation networks to be directly imported from Web of Science.  The tool was created by Nees Jan van Eck and Ludo Waltman at Leiden University’s Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) in 2019.

Has anyone out there used any of these tools?  How have they worked for you?  Do you have other favorite tools instead?  Share with us!


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