Links Roundup #45: Deep Concentration, Fixed Schedule Productivity and Home Book Cataloging

saddle and ropeDr. Robert Talbert of Grand Valley State University shares this post about Fixed schedule productivity in his blog.  The idea of “laser-like focus” for one’s working hours and compartmentalizing work from private life is not new, but the practical example of establishing boundaries so that we aren’t working 24-7 is a good reminder for us all.

I’m late to this party, but have you seen the great list of 2018 Best Apps for Teaching & Learning compiled by AASL (American Assoication of School Librarians)?  While focused for K-12 librarians, I thought there were some useful ideas for easy to make games that might work for icebreakers or interactive moments in library instruction.  Kudos to AASL!

Book Riot recently published a list 8 Home Library Apps to Keep Your Book Collection Organized.  While long time favorites Book Reads and Library Thing are represented, there were a few new to me options here as well. And who among us doesn’t long to catalog our home book collections, lol.

The Beyond the To-Do List podcast recently interviewed Mike Strum, the author of the new book Be Think Do.  Mike is also the author of the newsletter Woolgathering.  It is a great conversation on these basic elements of any productivity philosophy.

If you enjoyed the above podcast, you might also enjoy Mike Strum’s article “Harnessing the Power of Deep Concentration“.  Some helpful discussion here about the value of single tracking instead of trying to multitask.

Are you married to your moleskin notebook?  If so, you might be excited to hear about their latest enhancement / collaboration with Dropbox.  Just as you can interact with Evernote and their Page Camera and Moleskin, now you can utilize Dropbox to enhance your group projects.  Check out the details here.

New Player in the Notetaking Game:  Have you heard of Notion?  I haven’t tried it yet, but the gurus over at Guiding Tech have done in depth comparisons between Notion and OneNote and Notion and Evernote worth taking a look at if you are shopping for a notetaking software. Tip:  Notion has created a convenient “import from evernote” tool. But even sight unseen, I suggest anyone considering switching from their current notetaking tool take some time to try out the alternative tools and get use to their strengths and weaknesses before committing.

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