Links Roundup #30

saddle and ropeTwitter for Teaching, Anyone? My friend at Teaching in Higher Ed, Bonni Stachowiak, did a recent podcast on the topic Teaching with Twitter, interviewing Jesse Stommel.  Some great insights there worth checking out.

And while we are on the topic of Twitter, Kris Shaffer offers a great introduction to both Twitter and TweetDeck on his blog post, Twitter Basics.  I had never tried TweetDeck before, and I find I really love it.  I just wish there was an android version!

As we go into the busy, hectic schedules of fall, I found this helpful post from the folks at Audio Resources for Mindfulness Meditation.  Have to love free resources! Especially when they refresh, relax and re-center us!

A few recent posts on the familiar battle between Microsoft OneNote and Evernote for most popular notetaking software yields us these two posts:  6 things Evernote does that Microsoft OneNote can’t  and 7 things Microsoft OneNote does that Evernote can’t.  This ongoing battle is the best thing possible for users as both products continue to get better and better!

Finally, it’s that time again.  Voting is in full swing for the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2015.  You have until September 18th to submit your top 10 picks to Jane Hart.  This is a great resource and service that Jane provides to all of us who love our online tools.  Participate today!

School Days, School Days…. or so the children’s song goes.  Our University opened for the Fall Semester this week, students are everywhere, and the energy, sounds of voices and hurrying bodies from place to place begins again.  Wishing all our readers a great start to the new year!

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  • I’m glad to see you back to doing some links roundups, Crystal. I know it isn’t easy without your “partner in crime…” I should say “partner in learning…” I enjoyed taking a look at some of the key pros/cons of Evernote vs OneNote. I just wish Evernote could take on the more free-form feel of pages that OneNote does. But, Evernote is still winning the game for me, at least for now.

    Thanks for sharing about the episode with Jesse Stommel, talking about teaching with Twitter.

    Looking forward to future blog posts and hope your start to the new, academic year is going well!

    Bonni (@bonni208)

  • Nicholas Cifuentes-Goodbody

    I’m also glad to see the blog is back. I missed these roundups!

    • Crystal

      Thanks Nicholas (and Bonni!) on the positive words. Mary was very much the author of the Link Roundups, so it is great to hear that I am upholding her high standards. 🙂

  • Danny Dorsman

    Glad to see the blog back….
    Social networks can be great for learning, but twitter is not the right tool.

    Twitter for Teaching =

    it got a similar concept in which you can use hash tags and follow people only on eXtrigo you actually can post real information (more than 180 chars) and keep it organized.