Links Roundup #10

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Review:  Springpad Serves as Your Virtual Personal Assistant.  We haven’t discussed Springpad much on this blog as it seemed merely a less successful competitor to Evernote and OneNote in the Notebook Software arena.  But it seems to be carving out a niche for itselft, sort of a cross of Evernote and Pinterest with features that neither has.

Remember The Milk:  Evernote: Introduction.  Remember the Milk is a popular online reminder service, one of the best in the genre.  While Evernote has just added reminders to the desktop and iOS versions, this linking of Evernote and Remember the Milk can help the rest of us until the Evernote for other platforms adds the reminders.

Ah, events have caught up with me, and I have pleased to say Evernote Reminders Now on Android.  The article linked to, from PC Mag, explains the functions of reminders and includes a video on using them.  One of the gold standards for productivity tools just got even better.

6 Excellent Free Linux Reference Management Tools and 21 of the Best Free Linux Productivity Tools – we don’t mention Linux much here, since (a) there are probably only a few of you that use it; and (b) none of us have experience of it.  You may need to support Linux users, however, and this web site offers a number of similar articles on best Linux tools for various categories.

Research Management for Dummies – interesting article on managing research data and new tools to help, written by the creator of a data repository called Figshare and part of a company that has developed data management software called Projects (Mac only, so far, and not free software).  I view it as productivity related because these products aim to help researchers save time and be more organized about research data management.

Google Gives Printing from Android Devices a Boost with Cloud Print – with the sales of tablets skyrocketing, it is good to see that equipment makers are making it easier to print from tablets and smartphones.

How to Start Getting Organized – another of Jill Duffy’s Getting Organized columns in PC Mag.  This one is on how to start getting organized, and we all know that first step is a doozy!  This post from her is my favorite so far.

Wow! — Schools can Now Buy Surface RT Tablets from as Little as $199.  Offer only until the end of August, but what a deal.  Includes K-12 and colleges and universities.

Evernote Rolls out Web Clipper for Gmail.  If you use Gmail, Chrome, and Evernote, life just got easier.  Now you can clip emails into Evernote, which has a more powerful search engine than most mail systems.

If you ever used the app for to-do lists based on the GTD system, it is rolling out a major upgrade and a new name:  SmartGTD.  “SmartGTD is a smart task manager based on the Getting Things Done methodology which synchronizes with Evernote, and will soon be compatible with Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud, Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive, Google Calendar, iCal, which enables the user to create a list of tasks from e-mails, notes and assigns reference materials from files, photos and other forms of data. SmartGTD is available on iPad and in the upcoming weeks will also be available for iPhone. In the near future there will be a cross-platform version hosted on Android, and a Web solution.”

Turbo Boost Your RSS with Feedly and IFTTT.  Talk about task automation!  This article discusses using Feedly and IFTTT to save RSS news feed items and redistribute them in multiple ways.  Describes apps such as Buffer for scheduling social media, sending to Google+, via HootSuite, or sending to a Google Spreadsheet.  Great example of using IFTTT, an nice to know Feedly can support this kind of interaction now that Google Reader is close to death.




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