Link Roundup #4

western saddle with a lasso on it Australian University to Roll Out 11,000 iPads to Students and Staff Next Year. Article also mentions other schools/school systems that are deploying iPads. Nice that they included staff as well as students, a necessary step if professors are to develop course-related materials for the iPad.

Mapsaurus – Find Android Apps Based On Your Interests. Nice idea, an app that suggests other apps you might find useful based on the apps you have installed. I found this on Android 4 Schools, a website/newsletter aimed at the K-12 educational community, but I’ve found a surprising number of apps through it that I think are useful to the higher education community as well.

TabTimes Presents the Best 100 iPad Apps. “If you want to get the most from your iPad, the TabTimes 100 Best iPad Apps is your guide to the best apps for business and productivity. Over the next week, we’ll be featuring the 9 app categories (Utilities, Presentations, Healthcare & Medical, Writing & Editing, Reference, Productivity, Financial, Collaboration, and News).”

5 Best Presentation Apps for iPad. Covers Slideshark, Keynote, TelePromt+, Prezi Viewer, and SyncSpace.

20 Best iPad Productivity Apps

WordPress Plugins – Be Smart about the Ones You Install
. Post with good common sense advice on installing plugins. I am still learning WordPress and good advice on it is gold. Just found out that after updating a plugin you have to reactivate it.

Best New iPad Apps: Notes for Public Speakers, MindJet Task Management, Tablet Blogging, and Vinyl Music 2.0 The first 2, and maybe the third, can be useful for productivity and academic workflow. The first, Speeches, lets you create cue cards for speeches/presentations.

Yes, I get the TabTimes newsletter, why do you ask? ;-). I have put a lot of links there to iPad apps, but they also cover Windows 8 tablet news (such as Microsoft’s Surface Pro Tablet to ‘Arrive at the End of January’ They do not report as much on Android tablets, sadly, though their website has an Android section.

As for the date the Surface pro tablet will be released, CNET has more details.

Android or Chrome? Will Google Ever Decide on One OS? This is one of CNET’s Ask Maggie columns, by Marguerite Reardon. She writes well in language aimed at the lay person.

Top 5 Android Phones for 2013. Or at least for today. With Android phones, as he mentions, the day after you buy yours a better one comes out, sigh. I’ve been getting Bob Rankin’s newsletter for years, since way, way back in the age of dinosaurs and he was one of the two authors of Internet Tourbus. Now his newsletter is on technology, and he, like Reardon, is good at explaining tech to the layperson.

Seton Hall University Tries Them All, Picks Windows 8 Tablets. Interesting story about pilot projects at Seton Hall University. They have been early adapters of iPads, Android tablets, and Windows tablets, and have had the most success with Windows tablets with a dock.

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