Year For Productivity: Introduction

New Class for the New Year

New Class for the New Year

Mary Axford and Crystal Renfro, two of the three authors of the Academic PKM blog (, are pleased to announce a new, FREE online course called “A Year to Improved Productivity for Librarians and Academic Researchers”. The course will consist of 26 lessons; one lesson will be posted every two weeks on our blog. Inspired by Helene Blowers’ 23 Things and created from an idea by Crystal Renfro, each lesson will consist of background on the topic, suggested readings, and exercises. Each lesson should not take more than an hour or two to complete.

What will be covered?

The lessons fall into one of three sections: (1) How to Improve Productivity, with lessons including What is PKM, Attention and Focus, Calendars, Productivity Apps, and Notebook software; (2) How to Create an Efficient Academic Workflow, with lessons including the Concept of Academic Workflow, Citation Software, Alerting Services, and Mindmaps; and (3) How to Develop a Learning Network, which includes lessons What is a Learning Network, Which Social Network Tool is for You, Effective Online Professional Image; and Tools Facilitating Further Training to name only a few of the topics planned.

What do I have to do?

The exercises will vary with the topic of the post. For posts that emphasize definitions of a topic, exercises might include writing a journal explaining your own ideas or current productivity regime. We find that the process of writing something down has a great effect in clarifying one’s thoughts. Mind maps have a similar ability to clarify and will be another option for exercises. Some exercises will encourage the reader to explore a particular productivity tool, or to write a list of goals.

While we will not collect and grade the exercises, we do want the experience to be an interactive one, and we encourage all participants to share your thoughts/exercises as comments on the blog posts. We expect to learn as much as you do.

Where do I sign up?

Interested individuals may sign up to get our blog by email or RSS feed at any time. As a bonus, there will be other posts on personal knowledge management topics (as well as the lessons) which we hope will enlighten and/or entertain.

The first lesson will be up on the blog Monday, January 7th, 2013, and new lessons will be posted biweekly thereafter. We hope the experience will be challenging, engaging, useful, interactive, and fun. All participation is welcome.

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