Link Roundup #3

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Mobile Outlook 2013: $99 Tablets and ‘Digital Natives’ Take Charge – It is that time of year when we see year-end wrap-ups and predictions for the coming year. A $99 tablet that is light and could perform work tasks would be really nice.

Office for iPad Mentioned on Microsoft’s Support Website – also mentions Office for Android and iOs. This is likely to really increase tablet sales.

InvestInTech has a product Able2Extract PDF Converter 8 that can convert PDF files to MS Office formats including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The licensing cost seems pretty reasonable. Have not used this product and do not know how well it works, but could be very useful to academics.

Undergraduate Students and Technology is an infographic found through Stephen Abram’s blog, with info on the technologies students use, how they use it for study, what technologies they wish their professors would use more, etc.

Docear, the academic research management suite, has added automatic data extraction from PDFs. This is a big addition for their beta version. Docear is loosely descended from SciPlore. We hope to have a full review of it in 2013. For now, here is their description: “Docear is the complete solution for searching, organizing and creating academic literature such as assignments, theses, books and research papers. Just as an office suite bundles the applications essential to the professional environment, Docear integrates the essential applications of a researcher. These include an academic search engine, file manager, PDF reader*, mind mapping and note taking tool, reference manager, paper drafting, and word processor*. While the components are integrated, they are still replaceable so that if you don’t like Docear’s reference manager, you can simply use another one.”

New York Times Set to Launch Mini-books for Tablets. Interesting development, as this could allow them to sell extended analyses of news events that professors might use in courses.

How to Buy The Best Tablet. Good common sense advice from PC Magazine, with links to their Tablet Product Guide and article on 10 Best Tablets.

8 Ways Evernote Can Help You Get More From Your Research in 2013. The Evernote blog has some useful items, and it has “ambassadors” – blog contributors who blog about using Evernote in their profession and/or areas of interest. Alexandra Samuel, the author of this blog post, might be a good person to follow, as her ideas about managing research using Evernote in this blog post are worthwhile. As a bonus, at the bottom of this article are links to PDFs for using Evernote in different contexts, including 10 Ways to Use Evernote for a Productivity Boost.

Bitcasa and Its Unlimited Cloud Storage Come to Android, Windows 8/RT. Bitcasa is one of the newer cloud storage apps, offers 6 GB free, but the $10/month plan offers virtually unlimited storage. Useful for academics, because, ya know, we’re all broke!

christmas-kiss-decorated-tree And finally, we here at Academic PKM wish you a wonderful holiday season, whatever holiday, or none, that you celebrate. Among our favorite blogs are Profhacker and Gradhacker, and Gradhacker has had a couple of posts about gifts for graduate students. One is on technology gifts.

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